Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I know , I know. I haven't blogged in a while. I don't even know why. No creative juice pumping through my veins. No nothing. I guess the only reason why I'm writing this blog is because I need something to do while my fingernails dry. Yep. :))

So, uhm, we had a SNOW day! December 5, 2007. Too bad there wasn't enough to actually play in. And, dumdumdumdum (dum is right) I ALMOST wiped out four times. Slipped on the ice. Grrr.

And this technician from UC IT said my Windows Vista is corrupted. WTF, mate.

(Ok, that was random).

Anyway, back to why I'm excited. I have my last exam tomorrow at 4:00 (I know, SO annoying) then I go to the Bakunawas (WUHOOOO) then I fly out Saturday. That's why I'm excited. I'm going home, yo!

Mark your calendars folks! December 10. I'll be in Manila. HAHAHAHA.

SO excited for the warm weather. Gives me a 3 week break from freezing my ass off here. (It's -7 today, loves. Yeah.)

Yeah well. That's all I wanted to say. See you guys. ;)


bobm said...

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atty said...

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