Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I know , I know. I haven't blogged in a while. I don't even know why. No creative juice pumping through my veins. No nothing. I guess the only reason why I'm writing this blog is because I need something to do while my fingernails dry. Yep. :))

So, uhm, we had a SNOW day! December 5, 2007. Too bad there wasn't enough to actually play in. And, dumdumdumdum (dum is right) I ALMOST wiped out four times. Slipped on the ice. Grrr.

And this technician from UC IT said my Windows Vista is corrupted. WTF, mate.

(Ok, that was random).

Anyway, back to why I'm excited. I have my last exam tomorrow at 4:00 (I know, SO annoying) then I go to the Bakunawas (WUHOOOO) then I fly out Saturday. That's why I'm excited. I'm going home, yo!

Mark your calendars folks! December 10. I'll be in Manila. HAHAHAHA.

SO excited for the warm weather. Gives me a 3 week break from freezing my ass off here. (It's -7 today, loves. Yeah.)

Yeah well. That's all I wanted to say. See you guys. ;)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Living the Dream

This is in response to the Bambina inspired blog entries you have.
This is a Carlotai inspired entry.

Turning pro. Definitely not me for a while. But a good friend of mine. Yes, let me broadcast to the world (to those who don't read his blogs anyway). Carlos Fabregas turned pro today.

And all I could tell him was that I am SO excited for him. I was overwhelmed. Because, he is living everyone else's dream.

Including mine.

I know, I probably should have been inspired by the JRo legacy, a Filipina in the LPGA. Or the Dorothy Delasin legend. But no. Those were of different times. The circumstances are different, way, WAY different. Having someone turn pro NOW makes a lot of difference. It makes a HUGE difference for us who aspire to do the same. It makes you think that hey, it's not impossible in our time. He can do it. So can I.

He's living the dream. He's living every golfer's dream. He's living MY dream.

I wish you all the luck in the world. Be strong. Keep faith. You'll do great, Carlos. :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Gorufu o shimasu

Today was a golf day. Haven't had one of those in a while. YES.

I was at the range from 10:03 AM to 2:23 PM (clocked in and out those times), hitting balls nonstop. I'm not kidding. NONSTOP.

I got a few things down though. I'm totally fixing my swing now.

Swing thoughtS. :)

Club face position. Feel as if it's shut on the backswing. As if my left hand is under my right.
Set up. Relax right shoulder. Should be lower than left.
Swing path. On the arc, not outside.
Grip. Stronger right hand grip. (Wow. All I've been asked to do for the longest time is to weaken it.)
Set weight shifting with left knee. Yep.
Let arm fall after setting. Extend right arm. Retain angle.
Drill. Top of the swing, shift all weight to left foot. Let hands drop (extend right arm three times) then swing through.

That's pretty much it. Got A LOT of work to do this winter. :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Long weekend yo. And I didn't have any plans. Good job. Haha.

Our football team won though. Beat UCon. 27-3. UCon. (Coach Bong, if you're reading this, UCon is University of Connecticut. HAHA.) OOOOOOOOOOH. OOOOOOOOHH. OOOOOOOOOOOOH. *claps 4 times* UC!

And yeah, the coolest cheer ever.

"Everybody knows, UCon blows!"

Good job. :))

There was this person (who probably drank too much) who puked all over three rows of the Nippert Stadium (our football stadium). Disgusting. Right behind us, too. *puke*

Well, I went with Merb, her boyfriend Jason and a couple of their friends to the movies. Finally got to Newport. FINALLY. Haha. But on the way, Jason actually exercised his lack of common sense (and evidently a bit of his drunkenness) through his questions.

Jason: How old are you, Bambee?
Bambee: I think you know how old I am. (I thought he did, too, because I mean, it was such a big deal for people and I thought Merb would've mentioned it or what)
Merb: She's only 17.
Jason: Huh?! How did that happen? Do you have longer birthdays in the Philippines? Do you have 400 days in a year there?

=)) (Oh man. That was probably the most stupid question anyone as ever asked me.)

Back in the apartment he put a bottle of Mike's Hard Lemonade in front of me, insisting that I drink it. I didn't.

Jason: Oh man. I shouldn't have offered you that Mike's Hard. You're underage underage!!!

Yeah, I know. :

And by the way, he kept defending his 400 days in a year question all through the night. He said it was a legitimate question. Uhmmm...NOOOOOO!!! :))

On the way back from the movies, Jason asked some questions again.

Jason: How did you get your citizenship?
Bambee: I'm not an American citizen. It'll take a while before I get one, if I ever do.
Jason: Oh, so you're an ILLEGAL ALIEN!!!
Merb: She's not illegal. She's got a visa. Oh my God, Jason, stop talking!


Sunday was a SLEEP ALL DAY day. Haha. YESSSS. Wake up at 12:00. Have breakfast. Pretty much watch movies the whole afternoon then go to bed. ;)

BUM day in other words. Haha.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I'm going to start this blog by describing how I've been feeling for the past few days. Homesick. And well, working out doesn't really help. I kind of compare how we work out here to how we do it back home (though I didn't really do much of that). There are still times when I wish that I was working out with my old teammates, just cracking jokes every now and then to make our early (5:00 am) workouts more lively and our afternoon (5:00 pm) workouts less tiring. I just miss them SO much. I miss our little "gym" in Montecito. I miss Coach Jojo. I miss everyone. :'(

So, workouts. We don't do much heavy lifting. And I say this compared to the other sports. I mean, in my opinion, some of the things we lift are quite heavy, but seeing how the soccer boys work out and how the baseball boys work out just makes the weights we lift look (I should say feel, but not really) TINY.

We first do warm-ups that consist of lunges, high knees, butt kicks, knee pulls front and back, shuffles and sprints down the track. Then we do bench squats or no bench squats with the 45 pound bar, with 5, 10 and 15 pound weights on it. Then we do the bar on the platform. And let me just describe this. It is a 45 pound bar (no weights. PLEASE! Haha.) that we do 6 sets of 6 of each of the following: shrugs (just pull shoulders up, which isn't so bad), high pulls (pull 45 pound bar up to chin with elbows at the height of your head), push cleans (pull bar up and turn wrist, causing the bar to sit on your wrist facing up, at the height of your shoulders), SDLs (or something like that, which aren't so bad either) and lift the bar thing (I forgot what it was called, but it isn't so bad). The high pulls and the push cleans are DAMNED hard. But the push cleans just suck. I swear, I feel like my wrist breaks every time I do it. : Then we do laterals with weights and front ones (I don't know what it's called). Sometimes we have abs work, sometimes we do the machines. Plus 10-15 minute CARDIO on ellipticals or bikes.

It's not so bad, except the first time I did the bar on the platform I developed a muscle knot on my left shoulder, and I couldn't turn. :))

Well, we do it with the boys, and this is another thing that makes me miss Montecito more. Our boys are shrimps (with the exception of Blake, and maybe Nick and Jared). They actually carry the same weight we do. It's kind of funny, and annoying. Haha.

Alberto (the lone Spaniard on the team, lone international on the mens' team) actually steals the 10 pound weight from us (girls) so some of us do 12.5 or something. It's hilarious. Just this morning, he walked by us after doing the laterals with the squats, and he says "Alberto's shoulder is fucked up." With 10 pounds. Aw, come on. :))

I swear, I think Kane actually fell over with the laterals + squats. Can't get any shrimpier than him. :))

Well, the baseball boys were working out next to us, with another trainer, and they were carrying 95 pounds on EACH arms and walking 30 yards down the turf. Back and forth. OH MY GOD. I felt SO bad for them. They were carrying 3/4 of MY body weight with one hand. It was just INSANE. And they get to rest for like every ten yards, so they drop the weights, and I think one of them dropped it on his foot. It's sad. Poor them. :(

And we have one of these sessions again tomorrow morning. Grrr. Gotta sleep. Peace. <3

Saturday, November 3, 2007


There's this one guy we passed on the way to the Sigma Kai party that said "Halloween is just an excuse for girls to dress like sluts."

Emily (on the golf team last year), who was with us, gave a resounding "YES!" to complement her referee costume that showed 3/4 of her massive boobs and a skirt that was right around 4 inches long. 4 inches. I'm not kidding.

I wasn't on that bandwagon, though. I was a rugby player (it was last minute! Like we dressed up 45 minutes before we left, and I didn't have a costume. At all.) and I was the most conservative of ALL costumes in the whole world. :))

Guys (from back home) would freak if they saw what the girls wore for Halloween. Oh my God. They barely concealed any of their skin, and it wasn't exactly hot and humid outside. Mya (on the golf team last year as well) wore a baseball outfit not far from Emily's referee costume (although in chest size Emily rules by far). Other girls were wearing bras and panties. Others wore bras and lady boxers, claiming they were Victoria Secret models. Other people wore coats over nothing else except a bra that pushed their boobs with such intensity you would think they were fake.

Guys loved the Halloween theme too. Some dressed up as cows (Andy! Haha.), others as a bananas, and well, the most shocking could be dressing up as a penis. Yeah, someone did. One of Ryan's (Hillery's boyfriend) friends. It was SO funny though. I know someone who dressed up as a "To Women, From God". God's gift to women. That was so funny.

Anyway, compared to Halloween back home, they are ALL OUT here. Like totally. I think I stopped dressing up for Halloween when I was 10. Haha.

Halloween is fun. I swear, I am so thinking about my costume for next year. :)

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Okay. I can think of no other word to describe my experience today. It's not really "starstruck-ness", because stars weren't actually present. No important golfers like Lorena Ochoa, or Annika Sorenstam, or even Michelle Wie (who I pity and I hope is doing well in Stanford). But it was Pine Needles. The site of the U.S. Women's Open 2007. We played Pine Needles.

Oh my God. I was SO excited.

I am not kidding. Like, SO excited.

I mean, it just feels so nice to actually play the golf course that we worked so hard (walked so far) to get a glimpse of. I mean, they were so many people then. I didn't get to actually see the course up close and personal (what the ef? Oh well.) and today I was able to. It was 6, 750 fuckin' yards though. I had like driver, 3 wood off most par 4s, and at some I even end up 40 yards short (this was the 17th hole, which is 461 fuckin' yards). And I got to play it. Got to hit balls at the driving range where the pros themselves actually hit balls. (I stole two, though. Just because they had Pine Needles on them haha. I know. I'm obsessed.)

It was just SO nice. Hopefully it's a blast from the future. Oh my God. I hope it is. :D

Anyway, it was just sad that I have a kind of lump thing on my shoulder. A muscle knot, I guess. You can see it, and well, feel it. It actually hurts when I set up. And well, duh, I can barely turn. Oh well. Kate, my Aussie teammate, is gonna give me a DEEP MASSAAAAAAAGE. I'm SO looking forward to it.

Haha. I just liked this. I was chatting with Coach Bong on YM, and we were talking about my putting. (Nak, I know. Seriously, we were.) And he said not to focus too much on the mechanics, and focus on feel. Well, I said I still am a feel putter, that's why I can't teach putting to anyone. I can't explain feel. And he gave the best explanation of feel that I've ever heard.

"It's what goes on inside your head...from pre-shot to post shot...that's feel...It's inside the head, then goes to the hands..."

It's a good thought. Because if you had asked me, I would say "feel" and never get you to understand it.

By the way. I learned a new word, I mean phrase, today. DFL. Dead Fucking Last. HAHA.


Friday, October 26, 2007

I feel like shit.

I don't know. This week has been a tad bit hard. I had two midterms, one yesterday (for Finite Math that I took in advance because I will be gone on Tuesday, and that's when it will be given) and the other this afternoon for my Management Skills Practicum class. I am tired.

I don't feel so good. I'm tired. I wanted to unwind. My roommates and I were planning on watching a movie and going to a haunted boat somewhere. But no. Transpo difficulties. SO yeah. Looks like I'm not unwinding tonight. :(

Also, I saw Kuya Carlo (Mia's brother) today. And I thought it was going to make me feel better. I did enjoy walking around campus with him and talking to him and all that. just made me feel so homesick.

I don't feel so good.

Goddamn. I feel like shit.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Right. Our football team lost again, to the Panthers. It was a huge upset, 24-17. Oh man. Now I don't know what they did wrong. But if I find out they did the same stupidity that they showed us during the Louisville game... Haha. I can't do anything about it anyway.

6-2, dammit.

And here I was all happy the South Florida (Sorry, Mau!) lost to the Rutgers, therefore having the same status as us, 6-1. Then we go lose our match. Aww. :(

Sad. Oh well. Next game.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Nearly died last night...?

I don't know what else to call this blog entry. But, well, yeah, I guess I "nearly died" on two occasions. First, right around 11PM, as I was about to go to sleep, a thought suddenly hit me so hard I was panicking. I haven't cleaned my clubs or marked my golf balls. I have a tournament today, and I haven't done anything to prepare for it. I have 15 clubs in my golf bag, and so I had to remove one. I was cleaning my four wedges, then SUDDENLY I wasn't cleaning four. I was missing my 56 degrees! OM. Of all my wedges, I was missing the one I used the most (hence the bronze markings indicating ball contact). I was panicking! I was running around the room, because I could have sworn that I was cleaning it right before. I had thoughts like "Did I leave it at the golf ranch?" That would have been crap. I was nearly crying.

My teammate slash roommate Jenny comes out of the shower, and I ask her if she had any idea where my wedge was. She was like "Uhmm, I think Paige took it..." because I guess I was nearly crying then. I was like, "She probably did." So I went to the next room (where they were hanging out) at absolutely pleaded at Paige. She did heed my plea, laughing boisterously, though, and gave me my wedge which she hid under her blankets. WAAAH. That just wasn't nice.

Then at around 12 midnight, we hear thunder SO bad it was like it was going haywire. Jenny told me to open the blinds so we could see, and there was lightning alright, and...and HAIL! OM. There was a storm coming! WE WERE UNDER A TORNADO WARNING!!! What made it worse was there was a siren, and everyone from Schneider Hall (the dorm beside ours) was running down the stairs towards their lobby. We ran to the next room, all panicking (I was barefoot) and asked what we should do. Well, we came to the conclusion that we shouldn't leave (and go under the freakin' storm) but Steph was freakin' out. She was making me freak out. But it was funny. We were all trying to contact our parents and friends, and I couldn't connect with the effin' phonecard. HAHA. Oh well.

I got a bit scared, though, and the presence of a fire truck (I know, what the hell?) nearby didn't help settle my nerves. Then I decided to sleep because I was really tired anyway. I told Jenny to wake me up when we're dying. Haha.

I am still alive today, so Turner Hall, even without it's tornado safe zones, actually kept us safe. (Okay, I am exaggerating, it wasn't that harsh)


Monday, October 15, 2007


By the way, we lost to Louisville (of all effin' schools!).

6-1, because we didn't make a 2 yard touchdown. With 2 tries. Goddamn.



I have told people about this, but anyway, now I'm telling everyone who would click my stat for this link. Haha. These are just funny and CREEPY encounters that I have had for the past month that I've resided in the University of Cincinnati.

You judge. I swear, I get freaked out after every single one.

My Placement Test Proctor

So, I went to the University Pavilion with Mike Davis (aww, I miss him) to take my placement tests for Math and English. So, he introduced me to a good number of people who passed me around to other people and so I ended up with this guy who seems fairly young (probably around 20 or something) and he proctored my tests. So I took the one on the computer (which was Math, OOOOH SOOO FRUSTRATING) and then for English on paper. So, while I was doing the English part, he was right beside me, watching me, being an actual proctor.
Then I handed him my paper. And he goes...

Guy: Hey. There's something I really have to tell you.
Me: *gulps nervously* Whaat?
Guy: You are one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. I wouldn't want to lose track of you.
Me : *so disgusted but inwardly so*
Guy: *gives me his calling card* I would really like to take you out sometime.
Me: *smiles then shakes my head*

So...I walk back to my dorm. And I see him again, riding a bike right where I was walking.

Guy: Ooh, so you're following me now?


I've had a lot of them actually. But I will tell you only the ones that I remember, and then when I get the urge to I'll blog the rest. Haha. :)

Elevator Guy

I was on my way to class or lunch (I forgot) from study tables so I got into the elevator. This guy comes in on the 4th floor, and he asks...

Guy: Do you work here?
Guy: Are you a student?
Me: Yeahhh...
Guy: What's your name?
Me: *awkwardly* It's Bambee.
Guy: Bambee...hmmm.. do you have a boyfriend?
Me: (stupidly) No. (and I so regretted saying that)
Guy: Can I take you out some time?
*elevator door opens THANKFULLY*
Me: *smiles and shakes my head, then goes out*

I am SO stupid. =))

Stairs Guy

I was sitting by the window waiting for our elevator in the lobby of Turner Hall when this guy suddenly comes out of the stairwell followed by this other guy. And so they walked passed me, not minding me, when the second guy comes back from being like 10 yards away. He approaches me and then asks my name and talks to me. OK. I guess I'm worth a double take then. :))

Courtney (Corny) Guy

Well, I was walking back to study tables from my meeting with my college advisor in the College of Business, and well, I walk past this guy and he stops and walks with me with the corniest pick up lines. HAHA.

Guy: Hey. You're too sexy to be walking alone...What's your name?
Me: Bambee. *we shake hands*
Guy: Bambee...? Hmm. What does that mean?
Me: Nothing...
Guy: The cutest girl in the world?
Me: *I had to do everything to keep from rolling my eyes, so I managed a smile*
Guy: I'm Courtney. What's your major?
Me: Undecided in Business.
Guy: I'm in Real Estate. *then he shakes my hand again* I hope I see you around.

Uuuuhhhh...That kind of reminded me of Gene. :))

Well, this is it. I'm too tired and too sleepy to go on. :D

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Homecoming weekend: Friday

Well, I had time to bum around in the morning. I didn't do anything until right around 10:30 because I had finished all my study table hours (hurray!) for the week (it's 8 hours EVERY week), and I didn't have class until 12. All I did was like run around the room and eat (therefore cancelling whatever I lost running laps the night before at 10:30 PM :P). Got ready for class, printed off my MSP homework (again) and went to class. I officially met my learning community then. That was just like the 2nd Friday class that I've attended since the start of the year. :))

Had Japanese, then Biology. I was done at 4 and couldn't practice because I had to go to dinner with our recruit, Alex Bell. And that wasn't until 6, but it would have been such a hassle. Anyway, I stayed in the dorm room and uploaded pictures (so go to my Multiply! haha). Talked with Jared the whole time. Haha. He was convincing me to go to the Rec Center with him and work out (and I was too effin' lazy). HAHA. I know. I am a bum. :))

Janet and the recruit came early so I showed them our dorm room (which looks like a hurricane just passed through it) and showed her some of the sweet stuff we get from Adidas. Then we went and ate at Montgomery Inn (which is famous for their ribs) and well, all my resolutions for not eating a lot diminished. COMPLETELY. Haha.

At around 9 we went back to the dorm. Alex and I were alone, so we decided to watch a movie or something. We decided on the movie Cars, and I swear, it was a good movie, but it would have sent me off to sleep. Anyway, while watching, our suite door flings open and a guy wearing only sweatpants and a scary mask comes in and scares the hell out of us! We forgot to lock the freakin' door! So we went out, and we saw Jared, and he invited us over to their room. Will (Jared's roommate) comes in, and he's never drank alcohol before. I mean like NEVER. And he comes up to me and says "Hey. Ssssh. Don't tell anyone. I just lost my virginity to alcohol tonight!" =))

He was so freakin' wasted. We went to their room and they were playing beer pong. But Will was gone. He was on the floor, crawling everywhere. He was just so sunked. :)) There was this time when he got a TV dinner thing, and apparently he has high blood pressure. He was going to eat it, and Derek (Jared's best friend) grabs it from him. It had like 1400 grams of sodium, and he was like, Will would die eating that. Well, I have no idea if what he said was true. I mean, holding a bottle of Corona (eeew) in one hand and a can of Natural Light on the other doesn't make him a whole lot credible. :))

So Will was on the floor again. And he stained his pants with something on the floor. So all wasted and shit, he changed into a jersey and sweatpants. And guess what? He had his sweatpants on backwards!!!

We went to Katelyn's house and watched parts of The Devil Wears Prada. Then we went back to the dorm to find that Will, Jared and Derek were sleeping. So we went to bed as well. I slept in the living room on an air mattress. And so, my Laxer roommate Steph comes in at 3:00 AM. And Will's awake. He was so shrunk that he was telling Steph "Hey. You're waking her up. Don't wake her up. She's a nice person." =))

That was just funny. :))


Our football team is playing Louisville tonight. We are still undefeated. I am sure we will still be tomorrow.

Go UC! :D

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Well, here's the weather I've been looking for. It was around 40 degrees Fahrenheit the whole day today. Yeah. Almost no sun. So gloomy. And SO very cold. Dark skies. Cool breeze. My jacket wasn't enough. I couldn't stand outside. It was just SO cold.

It was a clear reminder that I am no longer in the sunny, humid Philippines. :(

Makes you think back, doesn't it? I have a new home; a cold, cold home. I think it's going to be like this for the rest of the week.

And I know this is nothing compared to winter. I swear, I am so going to die here. I will freeze to death.

I miss the warmth of back home. Not just of the weather, but also of the people there that I love so very much.

Just so, so gloomy. Makes you feel SO, so blue. Turns you into such an emotional wreck. *sigh*

I'm freezing. : I miss the Philippines. :'(

Monday, October 8, 2007

School Pride slash Country Pride

Hold your head up high people!

Anyway, here's a newsflash. UC is STILL UNDEFEATED in football yo! We beat the Rutgers (I have no idea from where) 28-23, after trailing for like a quarter, 10-17. Yeah. They are SO good. We play Louisville this Saturday, here in Cincy (and I have a ticket! Wuhooo!). Oh yeah.

6-0 men. 6-0. UC rocks!

And, on a side note, our Women's golf team placed third in The 2007 Hawkeye Invitational. Yey! Hahah. Finally. We're getting there.


B. E. A. R. C. A. T. S. B-E-A-R-C-A-T-S. BEARCATS!!! :)

And well, although I wasn't able to watch it, I heard Pacquaio won (on the same night the UC football team won, too :P). WOOOOOOOHHHH!! Go Philippines! 12 rounds, unanimous decision. Oh yeah. Way to go!

Oh yeah. I love the Philippines. I love being a Filipina. :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Haha. I just thought of writing one like this (I am in study hall again, ok? HAHA) where I detail all the pranks that I've seen in the three weeks of my college life. (I've seen because they were either done to a group I was a part of, or our group did it to someone else)


It was majorly disgusting, done to us (unfortunately) by our 4 track runner neighbors who decided that it was just fun to torment our (my roommates and I) lives. They actually stuck a condom (Yes, get used to it. I'm a college student in the United States.) filled with cocoa butter lotion (they said it's the lubricant) to our dorm's door at 11 o'clock at night. We went out, saw the damn thing and screamed our asses off. We should get revenge. And we haven't. Hmmm. *scheming*

Note: The others were done in camaraderie (and humor) with the Notre Dame Women's Golf team during The Wolverine Invitational in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I swear, they are a swell group of girls that like to have fun (just like us!). HAHA.


Coaches and players aren't allowed to drink alcoholic beverages by the NCAA during tournaments. Well, duh. Actually, only players. UC doesn't allow coaches to drink on tournaments. Anyway, the Notre Dame team asked our team to go with them to Damon's (a sports themed grill) to (Janet thought) eat with them. Turns out, the coaches (Notre Dame had two) wanted to drink with our coach Janet. Well, Janet refused (DUH) but we went there to eat anyway. Then, in the middle of our meal, a waitress comes up, bringing 1 huge glass of beer and 5 shotglasses with liquids in them, and she said "I was told to say from competition." Notre Dame sent them! And Janet was like "Please tell me that's water in the shotglasses..." And, well, it was. We stood up, saluted their team (they were a few tables away from us) and took the shot of water. Janet didn't touch the beer. Wasted beer. :(


We needed to pay them back for their prank, so Janet was scheming. Then she suddenly has a bright idea. We would tell the waitress that it's Susan's (the head coach of Notre Dame) 29th birthday that day. The waitress was so willing, she said that they actually put the birthday celebrants on the big screens of the restaurant (for watching sports events) with the dedication. It took a while, but our scheme got even sweeter. So, it happened. Susan's faced was blown up in the huge screen with the words "The coach of Cincinnati wants to greet Coach Susan a happy 29th birthday!" and we all laughed SO hard. Then Susan comes to our table and says "You know what's funny? It was my birthday yesterday. I turned 42, but I'd take 29 any day!" :))


Well, of course, they needed to pay us back. And this one was quite lame, to tell you the truth. But anyway, they decided to put raise the wipers of our Cincinnati van and close the side view mirrors and put (disgusting) bubble gum underneath the door openers. It was quite lame, but it kind of pissed us off too.


This was good. While we were warming up, some of my teammates saw that their team had left the back of their van open. So, while the others were warming up, two of my teammates (I think Allison and Marianne) snuck up to their van, put all their bags underneath the van then went back to finish the warm up. They found it and laughed and came over to say that they were going to get revenge. We all found it SO funny. We just couldn't let an opportunity like that pass. :))


Well, this is corny. But it was from us again, so it isn't so bad. Janet brought like one roll of tissue paper, and before we left (after the tournament), Allison and Sarah TP-ed their van in congratulations for winning the tournament. We passed by as they saw the tissue paper and Susan even ran after the van to throw the TP at us! HAHA. :)) Laugh trip.

Anyway, that was GOOD, GOOD fun.
Pranks really can be good when done in good spirit.
We just need to pay back our track runner neighbors though. Any suggestions? :))

Monday, October 1, 2007

Athletic Tidbits

Since I am once again confined within the walls of study hall, I just thought I'd share with you some interesting stuff about the athletics here in UC for the past week.

Well, our men's golf team won the Cleveland Invitational. One of the (7) freshmen, Joe Castellic, won 3rd place in the individual. Huwoah. HUWOAH, right? :)) Congratulations to them! :)

And our football team is still UNDEFEATED! Won against San Diego State two nights ago, 52-14 or something like that. Wuhoo.


Bored and Tired

Study table. Great. For those who don't know, all freshmen athletes at the University of Cincinnati are required to go to the study hall 8 f**kin' hours a week to study. And usually that's not what happens. I am usually online when I go to study table, chatting, surfing, blogging, and NOT studying. I swear, 8 hours a week? I don't think I even study for that long a week. (Or maybe I should. I'm just saying this now because we don't do too much stuff yet. :P)

Well, let's see. I had a rough weekend. We went to Michigan last Thursday for The Wolverine Invitational, hosted by the University of Michigan, in their golf course (University of Michigan golf course). I swear, that is just one of the most difficult courses I've ever played in my life (and my shots being shitty didn't help at all). The golf course is ranked 6th in the country of all university golf courses. So yeah, it really shouldn't be easy. But still. I shot an 83 yesterday, which NINE CONSECUTIVE BOGEYS on the front nine. Crap. I know. It was crap.

Anyway, I will not dwell on my bad rounds. All I can say is I have to do better this Saturday, in Iowa (so wish me luck). One of the good things about travelling to Michigan (it's a 4 hour drive from Cincinnati) is that I saw Yeany (Min Yean Tan, from Malaysia)! You can't imagine how happy I was that I was going to see a familiar face (not Caucasian, for once) in the midst of all the strangers. Aw. I missed Yeany. Haha. :)

We had these really cool caps. I mean, like white ones with the C-Paw on the front and the word "Bearcats" on the back. The back was netted, but it doesn't have a ponytail hole. Anyway, my teammates called them "ghetto" caps. We had so much fun with them, taking photos and all. I'll post them soon (if I have time in Multiply and Facebook). Anyhoot, the caps made our days brighter, even for just a bit. :)

That's weird. I actually ran out of things to say (or type). This is unlike me, haha.

NEWSFLASH: 3 days from now I will be officially residing in the United States for ONE MONTH. Kind of like a monthsary! HAHA.

Anyway, toodleloo! ;)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Incessant Rambling ;)

As expected I don't have endless amounts of time to pour into blogging. So, here are some random events that I remember from the last few days. I don't know, just a few things that I feel like writing. So, pardon my incessant ranting or my insensible rambling. I give you a warning. If you do not wish to waste your time, stop reading. If you do, haha, be my guest. :D

Friday marked the day when I discovered all my freakin' mistakes. HAHA. First of all, my friend from the Japanese class (that I call Wi in the previous blog) is Huy (but it is pronounced Hwi, so I am not so deaf after all). Secondly, I discovered I introduced myself to the wrong group of people, thinking they were my learning community. My company is Toyota, and I think I introduced myself to the Chiquitas. It's just funny. And I still don't know my learning community. Oh well. :))

One thing I can't forget was this really embarrassing moment with one of my neighbors. I was waiting for the elevator down at the lobby, and this guy I had met before (in the elevator, too) was waiting with me. So he goes "Hi." So of course, I would say "hi", too. Then he says "Do you remember my name?" and I was like "Uhhh..." then I shook my head. And here I am feeling so stupid, I was so confident that he wouldn't remember mine. So I asked. And guess what? He said "Of course. You are Bambee." I felt so embarrassed that I couldn't remember his name! Haha. Anyway, I asked. He's Dion. And I am damn sure I won't ever forget that. And he's gonna make sure I don't, too. He's gonna ask me again the next time I see him. :))

I went to dinner alone Friday night because my roommates were out. So, I headed for the Center Court (which is our cafeteria here), got my food (which was a plate of salad and went around to look for a seat. One of my neighbors was there, and his friend called my name out loud. So they asked me to sit with them. This guy who called my name out loud was Joe, and I introduced myself to him because he didn't know me. So...

Joe: What's your real name?
Bambee: It's Marie Dhel, and don't ask how I got Bambee.
Joe: How did it become Bambee?
Bambee: *raised eyebrows* It's from the Italian word "Bambina" which means baby girl.
Joe: Really? Is that why Bambi the dear...? *pauses for a long moment* But wait!!! Bambi's a boy!!!
It didn't end there. One of the other football players, Brett, butted in.
Brett: Why would you compare a deer to a human?!

They BOTH missed the point. :))

This weekend was my first UC weekend. I mean with all students present and stuff like that. And I pretty much spent the whole weekend out of the campus, on the golf course, qualifying for our tournament this Saturday in Michigan. And Saturday was such an annoying day. We played for about 6 hours (because we were waiting on practically every hole since the members were SO *emphasize sarcasm* fast). And I had a 9 that day (and pretty much caused a huge delay as well. Sorry for those who played behind us.). I hit my drive twice into the shit; shit being a non-hazard portion where the grass reaches up to my thighs. I was like "I hope I find at least one" and I DIDN'T. Whooooopeee. I had to go back up to the tee and hit a perfect drive into the fairway. Got it on with my next shot, but friggin' 3 putted. Huwaw. A perfect 9. It's annoying since I was 3 under par going to that hole. Ended up with a 74. And by the way, EVERYONE knew about my beautiful 9. EVERYONE. Even the recruits (who conveniently snooped around for my scorecard). So embarrassing. Haha.

I watched my SECOND football game. I wasn't as stupid as before, but still pretty much so. *applause* And I cheered on. OH YEAH. B. E. A. R. C. A. T. S. B-E-A-R-C-A-T-S-Bearcats. *flash a cute, "catty" smile, holding the three middle fingers in a claw-like manner* And the OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH. OHHHHHHHHHHH. OOOOOOOHHHHHHH. UC! Haha. We won, 40-14. As of now, our football team is UNDEFEATED. 4-0. Ohhh Yeaaaaah. ;)

I ate SO much that night. Like 3 slices of Dewey's Pizza (which is just the best!), 2 helpings of salad (with SO much dressing) and 2 Diet Pepsis. Plus the chocolate-cream cheese cake that I don't know the name of. That was a FATFEST.

After the game, the recruits were over. They were really cool, too. I like them both. Kristin is already coming next year, and I hope Laura comes, too. Haha. Stayed up until around 1:30 AM because we talked about all random shit. Like, never mind. It was really funny what we got to talk about. Intimate stuff. :))

Sunday was just another qualifying day that I didn't get to finish because of my freakin' nose bleed. It was bleeding for two holes, which was like 30 minutes. And it wouldn't stop. SO freaky.

Anyway, I went to class today. I was SO tired after my whopping three classes *hurray* so I went back to my dorm room. I was in the elevator with this guy when he suddenly asks if I am a cheerleader (because I was going to practice and I was wearing our sleeveless uniform). Someone mistook me for a cheerleader!!! HAHA.

I have a tournament in Michigan on Saturday. Wish me luck. ;)

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I know, I know. My titles are effin' corny. Haha.

Three days before school started, we went to Louisville, Kentucky (a 2 hour drive from campus) for a tournament. My FIRST college tournament. So yeah, this week pretty much marked my FIRSTS. :)) We got on our sweet Bearcat van (which is a black E150 pretty much vandalized with C Paws, the words "Bearcat" and "Cincinnati") and our coach drove all the way to Kentucky. Jenny, my roommate and fellow freshman on the team, and I got the honor of sitting in the back seat (because yeah, we're effin' freshmen, and we have no rights!) where we are catapulted off our seat every 5 seconds. I AM NOT KIDDING. I was trying to get some sleep on our way there, but the catapulting didn't do me much good. I swear.

We had our practice round that day. Amazing. The course wasn't bad at all, except the upperclassmen tried to scare the hell out of us (freshmen) about hole number 13. It's a par 5 that, in their opinion, you have to make 3 perfect shots to get a decent score on. Of course, I let that thought dwell in my head. But after playing it four times, I beg to differ. I almost chunked my second shot from the right rough (the landing area slopes right to left towards the hazard) and that was the only time in all four times (the other three being that I tried to do fades on my lay ups) that I actually hit the fairway. Almost birdied it too, if I hadn't missed a 2 foot putt. HAHA.

First day was a 36 hole day. Ooooooooooh yeeeaaaaaah. It was shotgun, and after I teed off (Hillery and I teed off on the same hole), Hillery said "Play well. See you in 10 hours." And I probably looked surprised because after that she gave me a serious look then said "I am not kidding."

She wasn't. The f*ckin' rounds took us 10 and a half hours to finish. Just perfect. I hit 150 shots total for that day. Not counting the millions of balls that it actually took for me to get warmed up (because it was FRIGID in the morning). That was a loooooooong day.

The next day was pretty fast compared to the first one. Only 18 holes. OHYEAH. *huge sigh of relief* That was much better. After the tournament we drove back to the campus and I did all my errands. Yehey. *note the sarcasm, please* Got SO tired. And nervous. :-S First day of school the next day. And homesick. My mom was flying back to the Philippines that night. :(


My first class was at noon, but I woke up way early and couldn't sleep anymore. Anxiety. It gets to me. Everything went alright. I went to my first class at the Lindner Hall. I introduced myself to a couple of people who I thought were part of my learning community. I think I was wrong, though. Oh well. They'll go on thinking I'm part of their learning community when I'm not even sure. :))

My second class was Japanese, and it was at 2. It's at the Rieveschl (I can't pronounce it, which is really bad for asking directions, so thank God our professor changed our room!) room 616D. This guy I met at Orientation, Wi (I have no idea if I spelled it right) saw me getting lost in the damn building. We had that class together, so he happily escorted me to the room, which was like 20 meters away from where I was. STRIKE ONE.

After my Japanese class, I had a Bio class at the Old Chemistry building. So I went out in such a rush, and missed the Old Chemistry Building. Wi saw me again. He comes up to me and says "You lost again?" I nod sheepishly. Turns out, the Old Chem building was right in front of where we were. STRIKE TWO. Haha.

Well, my second day went fine. Except that I have to take Trigo again (I flunked the Placement test, thank you very much). And my professor was barely coherent. I swear. I couldn't understand half of what he was saying. Good thing Sir Soriano (where art thou?) taught me well. HAHA.

Let's see what else this place has in store for me. ;)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

For Starters

I haven't blogged in a long, long time. I would probably get killed if I don't put one now because I have been here for quite a long time now. I have a lot to say, so forgive the incoherence of this entry. I type as it appears in my mind's eye. Haha.

I am back in school. After SIX long months of not even looking at a textbook. After six LONG months of letting my brain dry out in the sun while playing golf. Yes, my dear classmates (who heavily opposed me stopping school), rejoice. I have a school to be proud of now.

UC. Stands for University of Cincinnati, not University College, folks. *wink*

No, I didn't end up at Katipunan, nor did I end up at Taft. I ended up thousands of miles away from those friggin' places. But of course, all of you know that already.

I got here on the 4th of September and did some boring stuff. Fixed the dorms, got physicals and stuff like that. Met my teammates, practiced and tried to get over my jetlag. A few days after, we practiced, still fixed stuff for school and then, I watched my very first football game.

I never knew that Americans were such suckers for football. And I was such a freakin' loser amidst all the madness. They shouted for things I didn't even understand. I mean, all I know is you had to get that weird shaped ball past those lines for a touchdown. I didn't even know that you could kick it through the tall posts for one point. I didn't even know that you had 4 tries to get it another 10 yards. It's sad, but I never really knew why the movie "The Longest Yard" was called that.

UC won that game, by the way. By a lot. Don't count on me remembering the score of that game. I didn't even stay to finish it (because UC was leading by a lot, ok? I had a bit of school spirit).

That was also the day when I felt like a total loser because my mom knew more about the damn football game than I did. She was actually enjoying the game, and I was like bored to death. A lot of people have tried educating me about the damn game, but to no avail.

But before that, we had an effin' hard time carrying fuckin' inflatables everywhere for this community service thing. Amazing. I won't tell you much about that. I certainly don't want to relive that experience even in writing. Haha. Sorry. :P

One of my teammates said he was going to have a party to celebrate his birthday, and I'm invited. He was talking about getting alcohol and stuff like that, because every person in the whole university is like 18 or older (not that it matters, since 21 is the drinking age). I was like, "Even if I'm only 17?" He was like, "No. You're not 17." Then he says "How the hell did you get into college?!" =))

We had a preseason thing after that. We stayed at this cool Holiday Inn (I never thought I would call Holiday Inn cool, but that one was) except for the fact that my cot (Yes, I slept in a cot: freshmen have no rights!) was sagging in the middle. Haha. I roomed with 2 seniors, so how in the hell am I going to get a bed? :))

After that I did some more stuff for school. Those physicals continued. And we did this psychological thing that was WAY cool. It's a machine that measures your heartbeats, and sees how you can control them to stay "in the zone". It's just so fascinating. :)

Kate (my new Australian teammate) and I went to International Orientation on the 11th. We listened to boring shit and tried not to fall asleep in the middle of it. Every break time we would go off and look for something to do. And we did. We looked around the Great Hall (this effin' huge room) for our flags. I found a Philippine flag. There was no Australian one. (1 point for the Philippines! Oh yeah!) We improvised with a New Zealand flag that kind of resembled their flag.

Kate's funny. I swear. :))

Scenario: We were on our way to Janet's house, in her hot Lexus and Kate saw a huge lake.

Kate: *stares for the loooooongest time at the lake* Wow, Janet, you have a laaayk? *with her very own Australian accent*

Bambee: What? A like? Huh?

Kate: I said laaaaayk, not like.

Bambee: Oh, you mean lake, I thought you said like.

Kate: I said laaaaaayk.

I call her "Laaaaayk" now. She calls me "Pazzy".

It's for starters, so I really made you bitin. No English word can say it better than that.

'Til my next blog!