Thursday, September 20, 2007


I know, I know. My titles are effin' corny. Haha.

Three days before school started, we went to Louisville, Kentucky (a 2 hour drive from campus) for a tournament. My FIRST college tournament. So yeah, this week pretty much marked my FIRSTS. :)) We got on our sweet Bearcat van (which is a black E150 pretty much vandalized with C Paws, the words "Bearcat" and "Cincinnati") and our coach drove all the way to Kentucky. Jenny, my roommate and fellow freshman on the team, and I got the honor of sitting in the back seat (because yeah, we're effin' freshmen, and we have no rights!) where we are catapulted off our seat every 5 seconds. I AM NOT KIDDING. I was trying to get some sleep on our way there, but the catapulting didn't do me much good. I swear.

We had our practice round that day. Amazing. The course wasn't bad at all, except the upperclassmen tried to scare the hell out of us (freshmen) about hole number 13. It's a par 5 that, in their opinion, you have to make 3 perfect shots to get a decent score on. Of course, I let that thought dwell in my head. But after playing it four times, I beg to differ. I almost chunked my second shot from the right rough (the landing area slopes right to left towards the hazard) and that was the only time in all four times (the other three being that I tried to do fades on my lay ups) that I actually hit the fairway. Almost birdied it too, if I hadn't missed a 2 foot putt. HAHA.

First day was a 36 hole day. Ooooooooooh yeeeaaaaaah. It was shotgun, and after I teed off (Hillery and I teed off on the same hole), Hillery said "Play well. See you in 10 hours." And I probably looked surprised because after that she gave me a serious look then said "I am not kidding."

She wasn't. The f*ckin' rounds took us 10 and a half hours to finish. Just perfect. I hit 150 shots total for that day. Not counting the millions of balls that it actually took for me to get warmed up (because it was FRIGID in the morning). That was a loooooooong day.

The next day was pretty fast compared to the first one. Only 18 holes. OHYEAH. *huge sigh of relief* That was much better. After the tournament we drove back to the campus and I did all my errands. Yehey. *note the sarcasm, please* Got SO tired. And nervous. :-S First day of school the next day. And homesick. My mom was flying back to the Philippines that night. :(


My first class was at noon, but I woke up way early and couldn't sleep anymore. Anxiety. It gets to me. Everything went alright. I went to my first class at the Lindner Hall. I introduced myself to a couple of people who I thought were part of my learning community. I think I was wrong, though. Oh well. They'll go on thinking I'm part of their learning community when I'm not even sure. :))

My second class was Japanese, and it was at 2. It's at the Rieveschl (I can't pronounce it, which is really bad for asking directions, so thank God our professor changed our room!) room 616D. This guy I met at Orientation, Wi (I have no idea if I spelled it right) saw me getting lost in the damn building. We had that class together, so he happily escorted me to the room, which was like 20 meters away from where I was. STRIKE ONE.

After my Japanese class, I had a Bio class at the Old Chemistry building. So I went out in such a rush, and missed the Old Chemistry Building. Wi saw me again. He comes up to me and says "You lost again?" I nod sheepishly. Turns out, the Old Chem building was right in front of where we were. STRIKE TWO. Haha.

Well, my second day went fine. Except that I have to take Trigo again (I flunked the Placement test, thank you very much). And my professor was barely coherent. I swear. I couldn't understand half of what he was saying. Good thing Sir Soriano (where art thou?) taught me well. HAHA.

Let's see what else this place has in store for me. ;)

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