Monday, November 12, 2007

Gorufu o shimasu

Today was a golf day. Haven't had one of those in a while. YES.

I was at the range from 10:03 AM to 2:23 PM (clocked in and out those times), hitting balls nonstop. I'm not kidding. NONSTOP.

I got a few things down though. I'm totally fixing my swing now.

Swing thoughtS. :)

Club face position. Feel as if it's shut on the backswing. As if my left hand is under my right.
Set up. Relax right shoulder. Should be lower than left.
Swing path. On the arc, not outside.
Grip. Stronger right hand grip. (Wow. All I've been asked to do for the longest time is to weaken it.)
Set weight shifting with left knee. Yep.
Let arm fall after setting. Extend right arm. Retain angle.
Drill. Top of the swing, shift all weight to left foot. Let hands drop (extend right arm three times) then swing through.

That's pretty much it. Got A LOT of work to do this winter. :)

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