Sunday, November 11, 2007


Long weekend yo. And I didn't have any plans. Good job. Haha.

Our football team won though. Beat UCon. 27-3. UCon. (Coach Bong, if you're reading this, UCon is University of Connecticut. HAHA.) OOOOOOOOOOH. OOOOOOOOHH. OOOOOOOOOOOOH. *claps 4 times* UC!

And yeah, the coolest cheer ever.

"Everybody knows, UCon blows!"

Good job. :))

There was this person (who probably drank too much) who puked all over three rows of the Nippert Stadium (our football stadium). Disgusting. Right behind us, too. *puke*

Well, I went with Merb, her boyfriend Jason and a couple of their friends to the movies. Finally got to Newport. FINALLY. Haha. But on the way, Jason actually exercised his lack of common sense (and evidently a bit of his drunkenness) through his questions.

Jason: How old are you, Bambee?
Bambee: I think you know how old I am. (I thought he did, too, because I mean, it was such a big deal for people and I thought Merb would've mentioned it or what)
Merb: She's only 17.
Jason: Huh?! How did that happen? Do you have longer birthdays in the Philippines? Do you have 400 days in a year there?

=)) (Oh man. That was probably the most stupid question anyone as ever asked me.)

Back in the apartment he put a bottle of Mike's Hard Lemonade in front of me, insisting that I drink it. I didn't.

Jason: Oh man. I shouldn't have offered you that Mike's Hard. You're underage underage!!!

Yeah, I know. :

And by the way, he kept defending his 400 days in a year question all through the night. He said it was a legitimate question. Uhmmm...NOOOOOO!!! :))

On the way back from the movies, Jason asked some questions again.

Jason: How did you get your citizenship?
Bambee: I'm not an American citizen. It'll take a while before I get one, if I ever do.
Jason: Oh, so you're an ILLEGAL ALIEN!!!
Merb: She's not illegal. She's got a visa. Oh my God, Jason, stop talking!


Sunday was a SLEEP ALL DAY day. Haha. YESSSS. Wake up at 12:00. Have breakfast. Pretty much watch movies the whole afternoon then go to bed. ;)

BUM day in other words. Haha.

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