Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I'm going to start this blog by describing how I've been feeling for the past few days. Homesick. And well, working out doesn't really help. I kind of compare how we work out here to how we do it back home (though I didn't really do much of that). There are still times when I wish that I was working out with my old teammates, just cracking jokes every now and then to make our early (5:00 am) workouts more lively and our afternoon (5:00 pm) workouts less tiring. I just miss them SO much. I miss our little "gym" in Montecito. I miss Coach Jojo. I miss everyone. :'(

So, workouts. We don't do much heavy lifting. And I say this compared to the other sports. I mean, in my opinion, some of the things we lift are quite heavy, but seeing how the soccer boys work out and how the baseball boys work out just makes the weights we lift look (I should say feel, but not really) TINY.

We first do warm-ups that consist of lunges, high knees, butt kicks, knee pulls front and back, shuffles and sprints down the track. Then we do bench squats or no bench squats with the 45 pound bar, with 5, 10 and 15 pound weights on it. Then we do the bar on the platform. And let me just describe this. It is a 45 pound bar (no weights. PLEASE! Haha.) that we do 6 sets of 6 of each of the following: shrugs (just pull shoulders up, which isn't so bad), high pulls (pull 45 pound bar up to chin with elbows at the height of your head), push cleans (pull bar up and turn wrist, causing the bar to sit on your wrist facing up, at the height of your shoulders), SDLs (or something like that, which aren't so bad either) and lift the bar thing (I forgot what it was called, but it isn't so bad). The high pulls and the push cleans are DAMNED hard. But the push cleans just suck. I swear, I feel like my wrist breaks every time I do it. : Then we do laterals with weights and front ones (I don't know what it's called). Sometimes we have abs work, sometimes we do the machines. Plus 10-15 minute CARDIO on ellipticals or bikes.

It's not so bad, except the first time I did the bar on the platform I developed a muscle knot on my left shoulder, and I couldn't turn. :))

Well, we do it with the boys, and this is another thing that makes me miss Montecito more. Our boys are shrimps (with the exception of Blake, and maybe Nick and Jared). They actually carry the same weight we do. It's kind of funny, and annoying. Haha.

Alberto (the lone Spaniard on the team, lone international on the mens' team) actually steals the 10 pound weight from us (girls) so some of us do 12.5 or something. It's hilarious. Just this morning, he walked by us after doing the laterals with the squats, and he says "Alberto's shoulder is fucked up." With 10 pounds. Aw, come on. :))

I swear, I think Kane actually fell over with the laterals + squats. Can't get any shrimpier than him. :))

Well, the baseball boys were working out next to us, with another trainer, and they were carrying 95 pounds on EACH arms and walking 30 yards down the turf. Back and forth. OH MY GOD. I felt SO bad for them. They were carrying 3/4 of MY body weight with one hand. It was just INSANE. And they get to rest for like every ten yards, so they drop the weights, and I think one of them dropped it on his foot. It's sad. Poor them. :(

And we have one of these sessions again tomorrow morning. Grrr. Gotta sleep. Peace. <3


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Some people of this country (specially the politicians are the number one coward of this country), for beating a 56years and a 14 years old ay hindi lang ka duwagan, kagaguhan pa as if they are not human (tanong tao nga ba sila?). Marami sa politician sa atin ngayun are like them (or thus people in position), so i think the media and human right much be in the rescued, wala pong magagawa ang mga maliliit na tao (civilian people) kapag nasa katungkulan na ang kalaban, I think some politician or some people in high society in position must learn from this (if maparurusahan nga ba ito ang mga Pagandaman's, or ilista nalang sa tubig) kasi mawawala din ito na parang bula and this people again and again will do the same in the future who know's baka ang susunod ay ikaw or kayo.

Evangelo said...

i thought your family is "poor"... maybe your definition of "poor" is able to golf and study abroad...

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oiiii...tama na alam nyo naman sa bansa natin...paramihan ng pera e ano kung mayaman ang dela mas mayaman naman ang pangandamdem...kaya alam na natin ang kakalabasan aregluhan lang...sus pati kayo nag-aaway away na di naman kayo mga kasali mga hunghang...mabuhay ang pilipinas...bkit dedo na ba ang pinas tanong mo? matagal na !