Monday, October 15, 2007


I have told people about this, but anyway, now I'm telling everyone who would click my stat for this link. Haha. These are just funny and CREEPY encounters that I have had for the past month that I've resided in the University of Cincinnati.

You judge. I swear, I get freaked out after every single one.

My Placement Test Proctor

So, I went to the University Pavilion with Mike Davis (aww, I miss him) to take my placement tests for Math and English. So, he introduced me to a good number of people who passed me around to other people and so I ended up with this guy who seems fairly young (probably around 20 or something) and he proctored my tests. So I took the one on the computer (which was Math, OOOOH SOOO FRUSTRATING) and then for English on paper. So, while I was doing the English part, he was right beside me, watching me, being an actual proctor.
Then I handed him my paper. And he goes...

Guy: Hey. There's something I really have to tell you.
Me: *gulps nervously* Whaat?
Guy: You are one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. I wouldn't want to lose track of you.
Me : *so disgusted but inwardly so*
Guy: *gives me his calling card* I would really like to take you out sometime.
Me: *smiles then shakes my head*

So...I walk back to my dorm. And I see him again, riding a bike right where I was walking.

Guy: Ooh, so you're following me now?


I've had a lot of them actually. But I will tell you only the ones that I remember, and then when I get the urge to I'll blog the rest. Haha. :)

Elevator Guy

I was on my way to class or lunch (I forgot) from study tables so I got into the elevator. This guy comes in on the 4th floor, and he asks...

Guy: Do you work here?
Guy: Are you a student?
Me: Yeahhh...
Guy: What's your name?
Me: *awkwardly* It's Bambee.
Guy: Bambee...hmmm.. do you have a boyfriend?
Me: (stupidly) No. (and I so regretted saying that)
Guy: Can I take you out some time?
*elevator door opens THANKFULLY*
Me: *smiles and shakes my head, then goes out*

I am SO stupid. =))

Stairs Guy

I was sitting by the window waiting for our elevator in the lobby of Turner Hall when this guy suddenly comes out of the stairwell followed by this other guy. And so they walked passed me, not minding me, when the second guy comes back from being like 10 yards away. He approaches me and then asks my name and talks to me. OK. I guess I'm worth a double take then. :))

Courtney (Corny) Guy

Well, I was walking back to study tables from my meeting with my college advisor in the College of Business, and well, I walk past this guy and he stops and walks with me with the corniest pick up lines. HAHA.

Guy: Hey. You're too sexy to be walking alone...What's your name?
Me: Bambee. *we shake hands*
Guy: Bambee...? Hmm. What does that mean?
Me: Nothing...
Guy: The cutest girl in the world?
Me: *I had to do everything to keep from rolling my eyes, so I managed a smile*
Guy: I'm Courtney. What's your major?
Me: Undecided in Business.
Guy: I'm in Real Estate. *then he shakes my hand again* I hope I see you around.

Uuuuhhhh...That kind of reminded me of Gene. :))

Well, this is it. I'm too tired and too sleepy to go on. :D

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Ren said...

that was...such a funny misadventure.
you seemed pretty popular with them, or they're just really flirts. :)