Saturday, October 13, 2007

Homecoming weekend: Friday

Well, I had time to bum around in the morning. I didn't do anything until right around 10:30 because I had finished all my study table hours (hurray!) for the week (it's 8 hours EVERY week), and I didn't have class until 12. All I did was like run around the room and eat (therefore cancelling whatever I lost running laps the night before at 10:30 PM :P). Got ready for class, printed off my MSP homework (again) and went to class. I officially met my learning community then. That was just like the 2nd Friday class that I've attended since the start of the year. :))

Had Japanese, then Biology. I was done at 4 and couldn't practice because I had to go to dinner with our recruit, Alex Bell. And that wasn't until 6, but it would have been such a hassle. Anyway, I stayed in the dorm room and uploaded pictures (so go to my Multiply! haha). Talked with Jared the whole time. Haha. He was convincing me to go to the Rec Center with him and work out (and I was too effin' lazy). HAHA. I know. I am a bum. :))

Janet and the recruit came early so I showed them our dorm room (which looks like a hurricane just passed through it) and showed her some of the sweet stuff we get from Adidas. Then we went and ate at Montgomery Inn (which is famous for their ribs) and well, all my resolutions for not eating a lot diminished. COMPLETELY. Haha.

At around 9 we went back to the dorm. Alex and I were alone, so we decided to watch a movie or something. We decided on the movie Cars, and I swear, it was a good movie, but it would have sent me off to sleep. Anyway, while watching, our suite door flings open and a guy wearing only sweatpants and a scary mask comes in and scares the hell out of us! We forgot to lock the freakin' door! So we went out, and we saw Jared, and he invited us over to their room. Will (Jared's roommate) comes in, and he's never drank alcohol before. I mean like NEVER. And he comes up to me and says "Hey. Ssssh. Don't tell anyone. I just lost my virginity to alcohol tonight!" =))

He was so freakin' wasted. We went to their room and they were playing beer pong. But Will was gone. He was on the floor, crawling everywhere. He was just so sunked. :)) There was this time when he got a TV dinner thing, and apparently he has high blood pressure. He was going to eat it, and Derek (Jared's best friend) grabs it from him. It had like 1400 grams of sodium, and he was like, Will would die eating that. Well, I have no idea if what he said was true. I mean, holding a bottle of Corona (eeew) in one hand and a can of Natural Light on the other doesn't make him a whole lot credible. :))

So Will was on the floor again. And he stained his pants with something on the floor. So all wasted and shit, he changed into a jersey and sweatpants. And guess what? He had his sweatpants on backwards!!!

We went to Katelyn's house and watched parts of The Devil Wears Prada. Then we went back to the dorm to find that Will, Jared and Derek were sleeping. So we went to bed as well. I slept in the living room on an air mattress. And so, my Laxer roommate Steph comes in at 3:00 AM. And Will's awake. He was so shrunk that he was telling Steph "Hey. You're waking her up. Don't wake her up. She's a nice person." =))

That was just funny. :))


Our football team is playing Louisville tonight. We are still undefeated. I am sure we will still be tomorrow.

Go UC! :D

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