Friday, October 19, 2007

Nearly died last night...?

I don't know what else to call this blog entry. But, well, yeah, I guess I "nearly died" on two occasions. First, right around 11PM, as I was about to go to sleep, a thought suddenly hit me so hard I was panicking. I haven't cleaned my clubs or marked my golf balls. I have a tournament today, and I haven't done anything to prepare for it. I have 15 clubs in my golf bag, and so I had to remove one. I was cleaning my four wedges, then SUDDENLY I wasn't cleaning four. I was missing my 56 degrees! OM. Of all my wedges, I was missing the one I used the most (hence the bronze markings indicating ball contact). I was panicking! I was running around the room, because I could have sworn that I was cleaning it right before. I had thoughts like "Did I leave it at the golf ranch?" That would have been crap. I was nearly crying.

My teammate slash roommate Jenny comes out of the shower, and I ask her if she had any idea where my wedge was. She was like "Uhmm, I think Paige took it..." because I guess I was nearly crying then. I was like, "She probably did." So I went to the next room (where they were hanging out) at absolutely pleaded at Paige. She did heed my plea, laughing boisterously, though, and gave me my wedge which she hid under her blankets. WAAAH. That just wasn't nice.

Then at around 12 midnight, we hear thunder SO bad it was like it was going haywire. Jenny told me to open the blinds so we could see, and there was lightning alright, and...and HAIL! OM. There was a storm coming! WE WERE UNDER A TORNADO WARNING!!! What made it worse was there was a siren, and everyone from Schneider Hall (the dorm beside ours) was running down the stairs towards their lobby. We ran to the next room, all panicking (I was barefoot) and asked what we should do. Well, we came to the conclusion that we shouldn't leave (and go under the freakin' storm) but Steph was freakin' out. She was making me freak out. But it was funny. We were all trying to contact our parents and friends, and I couldn't connect with the effin' phonecard. HAHA. Oh well.

I got a bit scared, though, and the presence of a fire truck (I know, what the hell?) nearby didn't help settle my nerves. Then I decided to sleep because I was really tired anyway. I told Jenny to wake me up when we're dying. Haha.

I am still alive today, so Turner Hall, even without it's tornado safe zones, actually kept us safe. (Okay, I am exaggerating, it wasn't that harsh)


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