Monday, October 1, 2007

Bored and Tired

Study table. Great. For those who don't know, all freshmen athletes at the University of Cincinnati are required to go to the study hall 8 f**kin' hours a week to study. And usually that's not what happens. I am usually online when I go to study table, chatting, surfing, blogging, and NOT studying. I swear, 8 hours a week? I don't think I even study for that long a week. (Or maybe I should. I'm just saying this now because we don't do too much stuff yet. :P)

Well, let's see. I had a rough weekend. We went to Michigan last Thursday for The Wolverine Invitational, hosted by the University of Michigan, in their golf course (University of Michigan golf course). I swear, that is just one of the most difficult courses I've ever played in my life (and my shots being shitty didn't help at all). The golf course is ranked 6th in the country of all university golf courses. So yeah, it really shouldn't be easy. But still. I shot an 83 yesterday, which NINE CONSECUTIVE BOGEYS on the front nine. Crap. I know. It was crap.

Anyway, I will not dwell on my bad rounds. All I can say is I have to do better this Saturday, in Iowa (so wish me luck). One of the good things about travelling to Michigan (it's a 4 hour drive from Cincinnati) is that I saw Yeany (Min Yean Tan, from Malaysia)! You can't imagine how happy I was that I was going to see a familiar face (not Caucasian, for once) in the midst of all the strangers. Aw. I missed Yeany. Haha. :)

We had these really cool caps. I mean, like white ones with the C-Paw on the front and the word "Bearcats" on the back. The back was netted, but it doesn't have a ponytail hole. Anyway, my teammates called them "ghetto" caps. We had so much fun with them, taking photos and all. I'll post them soon (if I have time in Multiply and Facebook). Anyhoot, the caps made our days brighter, even for just a bit. :)

That's weird. I actually ran out of things to say (or type). This is unlike me, haha.

NEWSFLASH: 3 days from now I will be officially residing in the United States for ONE MONTH. Kind of like a monthsary! HAHA.

Anyway, toodleloo! ;)

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