Saturday, October 27, 2007


Okay. I can think of no other word to describe my experience today. It's not really "starstruck-ness", because stars weren't actually present. No important golfers like Lorena Ochoa, or Annika Sorenstam, or even Michelle Wie (who I pity and I hope is doing well in Stanford). But it was Pine Needles. The site of the U.S. Women's Open 2007. We played Pine Needles.

Oh my God. I was SO excited.

I am not kidding. Like, SO excited.

I mean, it just feels so nice to actually play the golf course that we worked so hard (walked so far) to get a glimpse of. I mean, they were so many people then. I didn't get to actually see the course up close and personal (what the ef? Oh well.) and today I was able to. It was 6, 750 fuckin' yards though. I had like driver, 3 wood off most par 4s, and at some I even end up 40 yards short (this was the 17th hole, which is 461 fuckin' yards). And I got to play it. Got to hit balls at the driving range where the pros themselves actually hit balls. (I stole two, though. Just because they had Pine Needles on them haha. I know. I'm obsessed.)

It was just SO nice. Hopefully it's a blast from the future. Oh my God. I hope it is. :D

Anyway, it was just sad that I have a kind of lump thing on my shoulder. A muscle knot, I guess. You can see it, and well, feel it. It actually hurts when I set up. And well, duh, I can barely turn. Oh well. Kate, my Aussie teammate, is gonna give me a DEEP MASSAAAAAAAGE. I'm SO looking forward to it.

Haha. I just liked this. I was chatting with Coach Bong on YM, and we were talking about my putting. (Nak, I know. Seriously, we were.) And he said not to focus too much on the mechanics, and focus on feel. Well, I said I still am a feel putter, that's why I can't teach putting to anyone. I can't explain feel. And he gave the best explanation of feel that I've ever heard.

"It's what goes on inside your head...from pre-shot to post shot...that's feel...It's inside the head, then goes to the hands..."

It's a good thought. Because if you had asked me, I would say "feel" and never get you to understand it.

By the way. I learned a new word, I mean phrase, today. DFL. Dead Fucking Last. HAHA.


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