Monday, October 8, 2007

School Pride slash Country Pride

Hold your head up high people!

Anyway, here's a newsflash. UC is STILL UNDEFEATED in football yo! We beat the Rutgers (I have no idea from where) 28-23, after trailing for like a quarter, 10-17. Yeah. They are SO good. We play Louisville this Saturday, here in Cincy (and I have a ticket! Wuhooo!). Oh yeah.

6-0 men. 6-0. UC rocks!

And, on a side note, our Women's golf team placed third in The 2007 Hawkeye Invitational. Yey! Hahah. Finally. We're getting there.


B. E. A. R. C. A. T. S. B-E-A-R-C-A-T-S. BEARCATS!!! :)

And well, although I wasn't able to watch it, I heard Pacquaio won (on the same night the UC football team won, too :P). WOOOOOOOHHHH!! Go Philippines! 12 rounds, unanimous decision. Oh yeah. Way to go!

Oh yeah. I love the Philippines. I love being a Filipina. :)

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