Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Haha. I just thought of writing one like this (I am in study hall again, ok? HAHA) where I detail all the pranks that I've seen in the three weeks of my college life. (I've seen because they were either done to a group I was a part of, or our group did it to someone else)


It was majorly disgusting, done to us (unfortunately) by our 4 track runner neighbors who decided that it was just fun to torment our (my roommates and I) lives. They actually stuck a condom (Yes, get used to it. I'm a college student in the United States.) filled with cocoa butter lotion (they said it's the lubricant) to our dorm's door at 11 o'clock at night. We went out, saw the damn thing and screamed our asses off. We should get revenge. And we haven't. Hmmm. *scheming*

Note: The others were done in camaraderie (and humor) with the Notre Dame Women's Golf team during The Wolverine Invitational in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I swear, they are a swell group of girls that like to have fun (just like us!). HAHA.


Coaches and players aren't allowed to drink alcoholic beverages by the NCAA during tournaments. Well, duh. Actually, only players. UC doesn't allow coaches to drink on tournaments. Anyway, the Notre Dame team asked our team to go with them to Damon's (a sports themed grill) to (Janet thought) eat with them. Turns out, the coaches (Notre Dame had two) wanted to drink with our coach Janet. Well, Janet refused (DUH) but we went there to eat anyway. Then, in the middle of our meal, a waitress comes up, bringing 1 huge glass of beer and 5 shotglasses with liquids in them, and she said "I was told to say from competition." Notre Dame sent them! And Janet was like "Please tell me that's water in the shotglasses..." And, well, it was. We stood up, saluted their team (they were a few tables away from us) and took the shot of water. Janet didn't touch the beer. Wasted beer. :(


We needed to pay them back for their prank, so Janet was scheming. Then she suddenly has a bright idea. We would tell the waitress that it's Susan's (the head coach of Notre Dame) 29th birthday that day. The waitress was so willing, she said that they actually put the birthday celebrants on the big screens of the restaurant (for watching sports events) with the dedication. It took a while, but our scheme got even sweeter. So, it happened. Susan's faced was blown up in the huge screen with the words "The coach of Cincinnati wants to greet Coach Susan a happy 29th birthday!" and we all laughed SO hard. Then Susan comes to our table and says "You know what's funny? It was my birthday yesterday. I turned 42, but I'd take 29 any day!" :))


Well, of course, they needed to pay us back. And this one was quite lame, to tell you the truth. But anyway, they decided to put raise the wipers of our Cincinnati van and close the side view mirrors and put (disgusting) bubble gum underneath the door openers. It was quite lame, but it kind of pissed us off too.


This was good. While we were warming up, some of my teammates saw that their team had left the back of their van open. So, while the others were warming up, two of my teammates (I think Allison and Marianne) snuck up to their van, put all their bags underneath the van then went back to finish the warm up. They found it and laughed and came over to say that they were going to get revenge. We all found it SO funny. We just couldn't let an opportunity like that pass. :))


Well, this is corny. But it was from us again, so it isn't so bad. Janet brought like one roll of tissue paper, and before we left (after the tournament), Allison and Sarah TP-ed their van in congratulations for winning the tournament. We passed by as they saw the tissue paper and Susan even ran after the van to throw the TP at us! HAHA. :)) Laugh trip.

Anyway, that was GOOD, GOOD fun.
Pranks really can be good when done in good spirit.
We just need to pay back our track runner neighbors though. Any suggestions? :))

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